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Grand Marais Minnesota
on the North Shore of Lake Superior

The charm of Grand Marais [other than the locals like me] is that it is a village with a lot to do. You can go out for coffee, watch waves, sample fresh fish, shop, browse, skip stones, tip back a cold one, snooze, read a book, hike, go in search of a moose, listen to live music, hang with them what brung ya. Or not.

Don't do anything. Sit there. Be a bump on a log. Take up space. Yawn. Go horizontal.

Everything'll be okay as long you don't need to go to the mall. Or to the movies. Or need some thing 24/7. We have some things from dawn to dusk 7 days a week, maybe just 6 in the winter. But you'll be fine. Or if not, you'll have something to tell your co-workers when you get back home.
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The town is pretty, with Lake Superior stretched out to the south and the pine forests climbing the ridge line to the north. It's why most folks come. That and the fact that for such a small town, we have a fair amount going on. Open mic night, art showings, live music, folk school classes, a radio station, plays, readings, happy hour, a nice selection of restaurants, little mom-and-pop cabins with oil cloth on the table and big, fancy lakeside condos.

If you're from the city, things operate a little differently up here. Cell phones work or not, some places have Wi-Fi, and we don't have many signs on the highway. No worries.
Here's a bunch of links to help you plan your stay.
Grand Marais Lodging Lodging includes a list of everywhere I know about in Grand Marais - lakeside cabins, hotels, motels, condos, camping, bed and breakfasts stays, and private home rentals
Grand Marais Shopping Just to give you an idea of what to expect when you get here - a list of every shop in town.
Grand Marais Dining Remember, most of you come from mid-May to mid-October, so that's when most places are open.
Things To Do Gotcha covered here - a list of events and things to do; be sure to check out Attractions and Winter Activities, too.
Weather in Grand Marais Get the current weather, the forecast, road conditions and a look at the rader.
But it'd be especially handy if the whole thing was in one shiny printed brochure . . . Yep, thought of that, too.
grand marais campgrounds By the way, all these links hook you up to my main website,, which has an amazing amount of information about the entire North Shore. And, if you like to be amused and you like the shore, click here!

Where exactly is Grand Marais?

On the north shore of Lake Superior, 110 miles northeast of Duluth [the Twin Cities is another 150 miles to the south] and 40 miles from the Canadian border. Bring a passport and make it an International Getaway. Oooh.
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Most of all I hope you enjoy the shore as much as I do!
Here I am, happy to catch a salmon out on Lake Superior.
Thanks for visiting-